Flowers so Beautiful You’ll Want to Stop and Smell them – Ira Volkova’s Floral Oil Paintings

What exactly are flowers? They’re blooms. What is it about flowers that fascinates you so much? You can’t eat them, they have no practical purpose, and no one wears them on their clothes. Flowers, on the other hand, are adored by the vast majority of individuals. Ira Volkova is a painter who understands this better than most people. Her most recent series of stunning oil paintings depict the intricate splendor frequently overlooked in a flower arrangement.

Volkova, a fine artist from Ukraine, received formal training at the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. She has worked in the flower painting industry since then, establishing herself as an expert artist. Paintings in this style usually contain a few flowers against an abstract backdrop that emphasizes their fragility and are often modest floral arrangements. “My paintings are all flawless,” Volkova claims.

In addition to using flowers, Volkova also employs them in emotive portrait paintings. She incorporates her knowledge of plant life with lifelike human figures and places the blooms in front of the subject’s face. The secret of these sculptures’ appeal is their natural charisma, which hides the sitter’s identity and wraps them in a beguiling genuine mystery.

Volkova’s other works are available on her Instagram. For more beautiful paintings by Volkova, go down to see more great works.