These Dreaming Paintings Look Like They’re Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Multi-award-winning illustrator and artist Tran Nguyen creates ethereal paintings and colored pencil drawings that seem like they're straight from a fairytale. By researching her interest in healing vision, the Georgia-based artist presents fascinating, dream-like narratives that draw the audience in and encourage them to explore their own creativity.

Originally from Vietnam, and grew up in America, Nguyen maintains her love of art came from an early fascination with anime, American animation shows, and video games in the 90's. Among the most renowned series, The Flooded Hour, depicts mythical female personalities which roam around aimlessly, manicured landscapes, frequently accompanied by giant creature buddies. "I like creating a feeling which looks regular then juxtaposing it with components that split this to bring a subtle touch of surrealism," clarifies Nguyen. The artist's mysterious subjects are frequently seen invisibly involving homes, stepping across bridges, and wading through lakes, being careful to not disturb the very small ships below. "I needed to concentrate on the drifting through old memories represented by empty areas."

Some Nguyen's latest work includes portraits of girls wearing oriental-patterned body paint and floral tattoos, or overlaid with gold foliage, thick foliage of paint, and illustrative lines. Other functions reveal giant cats like tigers, jaguars, and panthers appear to play the part of loyal guards to warrior girls. In 1 piece, a lady in a flowing ball gown prepares to take an arrow in her bow, while her ever-faithful companions--a satin-like panther and leopard--stroll with her.