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5 Video Games That Should Be Adapted Into Movies (According To Reddit)

Apart from the anonymous trolling on Reddit, the website sometimes has some appealing content that pop culture investors should clearly look into. In a latest Reddit post, users were posed with the question as to which video games are ideal for a big-screen adaptation, and some responses were reasonable while others were simple trolling. Some users invested enough thought into their decisions as well as which games are not reasonable for adaptation. Here are the games that made the cut.

1. Metro 2033metro-2033-red-background-poster-670x377

This first entry may be one that will be controversial to display on the silver screen. For starters, the setting is a post-nuclear Russia and depictions of a ruined Russia are pervasive throughout the video game and novel. Novel? That’s right, Metro 2033 was originally a novel that eventually was adapted into a video game, and since we’re on the subject, why not transition it into a movie? There're plenty of resources to use in the movie adaption: the book’s details of Artyom’s adventure would create a general plot while the creatures and settings developed for the video game will further illustrate a post-apocalyptic Russia. And the dark aesthetics from both the game and novel would translate well into the movie.

In a way, this movie would be a fusion of Silent Hill and Mad Max. However, some Reddit users also pointed out of the disappointments that could be generated from the movie. The most prominent dissents among users were that studios will probably swap the Russia setting with a New York one; the plot would probably involve a love story; and cultural appropriation through accents. Still, a dark tone into a post-apocalyptic world is something of a nuance since most doomsday movies tend to focus on the action and chaotic world of survivors. Evidently this movie will deploy the same concepts but with a more “horror” outlook to them…just imagine flying demonic-looking creatures peeking from the dark.

2. Metroid Primemetroid-prime-670x377

There’s been a Super Mario movie, Kirby and Sonic TV series, and even an Adam Sandler movie that uses Donkey Kong as one of its villains. Still, Metroid has been dormant in the movie and TV industry, and it shouldn’t be due to its science fiction and feminine content. For starters, Samus Aran is one of the few female protagonists who have become a crucial figure in the video game scene — there’s also Tomb Raider but we got two disastrous movies from that franchise.

It’s no surprise that Samus’s badass essence has cemented her as one of the coolest chicks in the video game industry since she was inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien. The cool tech, dexterity and intelligence from Samus screams out for a transition into the movies. The plots from the video games aren’t too complex either, which can allow movie producers some freedom to create their own. That being said, this can also be an issue if the video game makes the transition to the movies; producers can easily invest in CGI while neglecting a solid plot. Other than that, the game can easily be adapted into a movie with minor discrepancies.

3. Metal Gear Solidmgs-1

Despite being a video game, Metal Gear acts more like a movie with its extensive cutscenes and overarching storylines into sequels. Thus, MGS is a perfect candidate to be adapted into a movie since the extensive plots developed throughout the games can easily be condensed into a movie. Unfortunately, developing MGS for the silver screen is more complicated than other titles with sequels. One reason is the complexity of these storylines; for players, it was a nightmare when the video game became reflective and referential with predecessor titles. Most of the time players were obligated to replay previous titles to further understand the narrative of the game.

In addition, the espionage theme in the game seems redundant to other espionage counterparts in the movie industry. Ultimately, MGS’s prominence balances on its realistic gameplay, and the storyline works secondary to that element. Although Reddit users remarked for a Metal Gear adaptation, it seems like the game could be taken as a mini-movie.

4. The Last Of Usthe-last-of-us-670x419

The Last Of Us has a linear plot and simple gameplay mechanics: the protagonist must escort a girl to a particular safe zone while evading any infected individuals. It seems pretty straight forward, but the game is elaborate in bestowing a world where humanity is extinct. The expansive world of the game makes it organic in understanding how humanity and the landscape have altered since the disease outbreak. In the big screen, this world can easily be translated to further explore the narrative from the video games or add to it.

Reddit users ostensibly agreed that Maisie Williams should play Ellie, the titular’s female lead. Yet, based on Reddit users, it seems like The Last Of Us is constantly rumored to transition into the big screen. So it seems like we could only hope on rumors as of now.

Although most of these titles depict some sort of post-apocalypse and rely on science fiction, with the growing trend in dystopian narratives it would be interesting to see these Reddit suggestion be adapted to the silver screen.

5. Bioshockimg-670x503

Set in a dystopian society, Bioshock‘s thematic concept comments on the tragic outcome of a utopian world where individual freedom combined with social and technological innovation lead to anarchy. Both Bioshock titles are elusive in describing Rapture, the title’s setting, and how it became an underwater ruin as oppose to the haven it was originally designed for. Unlike Metro 2033, Bioshock as a movie would function better with elaborate and sophisticated action since the video game operates on that concept.

What will be interesting about a Bioshock adaptation is the depiction of Rapture: Will viewers be given an explanation for the city’s decay or will it be as elusive as the video game? In addition, Reddit users commented on the game’s Little Sister concept can also be too disturbing for viewers since it’s suggestive that something horrible must be performed in order to harvest their energy. Maybe the movie will be more friendly towards its approach.