This Couple Spent 26 Years to Build a Wildlife Sanctuary for 200 Endangered Species in India

In 1991 Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Dr. Anil Malhotra initiated the only wildlife sanctuary in India, called SAI Sanctuary. Now, 26 years later, their 300-acre sanctuary is home to more than 200 species that are endangered, ranging in the Asian elephant.

Starting with just 55 acres of private land, the sanctuary has grown progressively.

"When we first came here, most of the lands which were sold to us were abandoned lands,€ Pamela shares. €œAbandoned rice fields, coffee, and cardamom fields too. A great deal of deforestation had taken place. And that took a lot, plenty of care and energy and time and years to bring it back.

Patiently building layers of nature to bring the ecosystem back, the 300 species is proof of success. The sanctuary has become a biodiversity hotspot. €œI remember walking through the forest; you'd not hear anything but the sound of your own feet, Pamela recalls. €œNow, the place is alive with sound."

They hope to continue expanding the sanctuary, allowing an even larger haven to the wildlife and moving toward their goal of a restored balance between man and nature.

Anil Malhotra and Pamela Gala Malhotra have dedicated their lives to cultivating an ecosystem.

"People think that animals need the forest. But the truth is, the animals are needed by the forest equally. While the forest helps animals in providing shelter and food, animals help forests in regeneration,€ explains Dr. Malhotra.

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