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Adventure Photographer Mike Hollingshead


Mike HollingsheadAmerican landscape photographer, pursuer of hurricanes and adventurer. Started chasing storms and tornadoes in 1999. In 2002 bought his first camera to shoot the best moments of his adventures. In 2004 quit his job and started a new career – chasing and photographing tornadoes…


Frosty Reflections

Iowa Auroras

Rainbow Sunset

Baby Bighorn Sheep

Devils Tower Lightning

Sun Pillar and Geese

Nebraska Supercell

Nebraska Supercell

South Dakota Bow Echo

Nebraska Twilight Supercell

Nebraska Tornado

South Dakota Bow Echo

Stormy Nebraska Sunset

Stormy Sunset

Nebraska Shelf Cloud

Whales Mouth

Lightning Outside The Car

May 22, 2010 Bowdle South Dakota Violent Tornado

Car Lights and Moon

Badlands Fog Storm

Barn Rays

Iowa Auroras

Firey Sunset

Rays Of Light


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