A Photographer Frames Ordinary People in Stunning and Vibrant Patterns

Photographer Helena Georgiou captures subjects that are often overlooked as we all go about our everyday lives. Her impressive portfolio features many portraits of people that we'd probably pass on the road without another glance. Using vibrant colors and replicating patterns, these people--a few front and center, other obscured--are styled with their environment. The result is eye-catching minimal photography artwork.

Georgiou's fine art photography is caused by her passion for "details and creativity." She explains, "Through them, I express my feelings and also try to bring my experiences from my trips, ideas. My greatest influences, but are poetry and literature. I feel the most important quality of a picture, as in all of the art, is its capacity to evoke an emotional response."

In pairing the tiny characters with grandiose landscapes, we are reminded of two things: just how beautiful the regular world is, and also how we're one small section of the giant whole. We ought to take more time to observe these quiet, unassuming minutes while doing our part to make the world glow.

Georgiou sells her work as prints. To learn more, see her Tumblr.