Photographs of Antarctica shine a light on its captivating ivy blue surface

Leah Kennedy, an Australian photographer, made a journey to Antarctica. She was stunned by its beauty, so she focused her energy on catching Antarctica's original light and reflection off the icy surface. The final effect and her portfolio is a mesmerizing look at this elegant landscape.
In an interview with My Modern Met, she shares that what is intriguing about the light in Antarctica is the seeming lack of sunlight. The snow and ice seem to be its source of light. Even when the sun wasn't shining, there still was a luminescent quality apparent. The dramatic and intriguing landscape is even more beautiful because of this beauty. Kennedy's pictures are so enriched with detail, that they almost give a sculptural look to the scenes. Glittering chunks of ice float on the surface, grey-blue color contrasting with terrain covered with snow in the background.
By exploring shadow and light, Kennedy underlines icy surfaces and convinces the viewer to sink in each detail. More abstract pictures, set in on the fluorescence that seemed appealing to her. The gently glowing blue tones are intriguing and soothing. This project is a warning of Antarctica's fragility and a tribute to an environment that is slowly disappearing. The artist hopes that this contribution will be a reminder that any small step towards helping our planet is an effort worth making.