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Pierre-Louis Ferrer’s Unique Look at Latvia: Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography

Latvia is a fascinating country with plenty of natural beauty to offer visitors. French photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer decided to document his trip to the Eastern European country uniquely using ultraviolet and infrared photography. This allowed him to capture the scenery in a whole new light and intriguing images of Latvia’s parks and other attractions. If you’re interested in seeing this beautiful country through a different lens, be sure to check out Pierre-Louis Ferrer’s photos!
After Ferrer’s first visit to Latvia, he was amazed by the amount of nature available once you leave the city. For Ferrer, nature was a significant source of inspiration. “You can hike freely in Latvia’s beautiful woods, with observation towers that offer stunning vistas,” he adds.
His photographs express his love for nature, as the portfolio contains no images of cities. The lush greens in these infrared photos are altered to red/pink hues, and the blue sky becomes a bit bluer. Ferrer was particularly taken with the Kemeri National Park, which has bogs surrounded by incredible biodiversity. The contrast of water and plant life in this image is incredibly stunning.
The photographer is likewise interested in how nature may take over manufactured structures. He visited an abandoned paper factory in Latvia that was surrounded by pines. The forest’s ancient trees have also been incorporated into the construction, appearing through windows and breaking through the roofless structure. He wants others to realize the power of nature due to his activities. “We tend to be blind to nature’s power and genius,” says Ferrer. “It adapts to our impact.”
The majesty and power of the Latvian environment are on full display in spectacular forest views. The photographs were taken from observation towers available to hikers and provided a stunning view of nature. The only indication that people have been here being a faint mist rising from the treetops, which gives way to walking trails cutting through the wood.
It was a welcome surprise for Ferrer. It was his first journey since the lockdown, and it provided him much-needed fresh air.

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