13 Powerful Photos Of Overpopulation And Overconsumption


Over some 60 million years, Homo sapiens has evolved into the dominant animal on the planet. However, in the last several centuries we’ve increasingly been using our relatively newly acquired power, especially our culturally evolved technologies, to deplete the natural capital of Earth — in particular its deep, rich agricultural soils, its groundwater stored during ice ages, and its biodiversity — as if there were no tomorrow.

Clear-cut Forest In British Columbia

british-columbia-clearcutGarth Lentz

Cattle Grazing In The Amazon

cattle-graze-amazonDaniel Beltra

Clear-cut Forest in Oregon

clear-cut-forest-in-oregonDaniel Dancer

Crop Fields In China

crop-production-chinaGoogle Earth/2014 Digital Globe

Dead Bird In Midway Atoll

dead-bird-midway-atollChris Jordan

Greenhouses in Almeria, Spain

greenhouses-in-almeria-spainYann Arthus Bertrand

Kern Oil Field, California

kern-oil-field-californiaMark Gamba/Corbis

Mexico City

Mexico-CityPablo Lopez Luz

Oil Spill Fire, Gulf of Mexico

oil-spill-fireDaniel Beltra

Slum In Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

slum-in-port-au-prince-haitiGoogle Earth/2014 Digital Globe

South City Mall in Kolkata, India

south-city-mall-kolkota-indiaBrett Cole

Trash Wave In Java

trash-wave-in-javaZak Noyle

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