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5 Aspects That You Must Know About Before Moving to Fremont

Fremont is situated on the southeastern end of the bay area which is about 40 minutes away from San Francisco. The city is also about 30 minutes away from Silicon Valley, which makes it an amazing place to live with several business opportunities.

If you are moving to Fremont, you can have a great work-life and enjoy a lovely social life at the same time. However if you are planning to move in town and upgrade to a larger home in Fremont, there are exceptional services to sell your house fast with So if you are thinking about moving to Fremont, there are several great reasons to support your decision. So planning to move here, a reasonable solution would be to hire professionals, such as movers Fremont, who will help you with moving without stress.


Fremont has mild weather all year round, which makes the temperatures quite comfortable to live in. July is the hottest month during summer when the temperatures are around 76 degrees.

On the other hand, January is the coldest month in winter when temperatures can dip down to about 41 degrees. When you live in Fremont, you won't need any sunscreen or snow boots. The place receives an annual rainfall of 14 inches, so there isn't much necessity for umbrellas either.

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Fremont is a great place to raise a family. However, it is not as bustling as San Francisco. You will also have to drive some distance for some time on the beach. However, there are plenty of outdoor activities for those who seek some fun and adventure. There are numerous football, soccer and tennis courts. Residents can enjoy golf courses, boat rentals, and water sports.

There are many annual events held in the city, such as kites festival, candlelight tours, gallery visits, and several others. People can also indulge in many dining and dancing options. Although you won't find as many types of restaurants as you would in America, still, there is no dearth of cuisines to enjoy. However, there are only a few options for people who are interested in clubbing and nightlife.

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Moving Resources

Several Fremont movers can help you relocate from other parts of the state or country. Whether you are moving from another city or county, we would suggest that you get estimates from several companies before you choose one. There are several other factors you must consider as well while choosing a moving and storage company.

We suggest that you read the reviews and choose a company with a good track record that has all the required licenses and infrastructure. Also, check for the local laws and regulations when you plan your moving day. It is better to choose a Fremont mover, since they will be aware of the Fremont regulations beforehand. 

Vehicle Registration

Once you arrive in Fremont, you will have ten days in hand to get a new registration. California Division of Motor Vehicles will consider you to be a resident if you have registered to vote, paying school tuitions, or paying property taxes.

While registering your vehicle and getting a license, you will need to provide proof of identification and address along with your social security number. You would also need to pay the fees, pass a vision test, and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Fremont Schools

The Fremont Unified School District is one of the best in the county, which attracts Chinese and Indians to the city who want the best education for their children. Thousands of children spend their 12 years of school education in Fremont. The city also has alternative high schools that provide self-paced educational programs to students who face challenges coping with the regular programs.

There are a couple of great colleges in Fremont as well, such as the Ohlone Community College and the DeVry non-profit University, which provide several education degrees to aspiring students.

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Job Opportunities

The two leading industries of the area are education and healthcare. The Fremont Unified School District can be a great place to work if you are looking for a job related to education. And if you are in the medical field, you can look for job opportunities at the Washington hospital that employs more than 2000 residents. Due to the proximity of the city to both San Francisco and Silicon Valley, there are several business opportunities in the area as well.

Cost of Living

Due to its exemplary school system, the cost of living in Fremont is quite high, especially due to expensive housing. In fact, the cost of living in Fremont is almost 19% higher than the state average. Even renting a house in Fremont can be quite expensive.

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Before you finalize your move to Fremont, make sure you research Alameda County and its communities. It will give you several reasons to move or not move to Fremont, depending on your preferences. You can also explore living options in the outskirts of the city, where you might find more affordable options.