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How to Keep the Motivation for Diet and Exercise

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Staying motivated if you're on a healthy eating regime can be tough. Here's how to make it stick.

If you're struggling to stay motivated on a diet and exercise plan, you're not alone. Everyone has been there. No one can be 100% motivated, 100% of the time. You may have thrown out all the junk food from the back of the cupboard and your snack drawer at work, but slip-ups happen, and they can quickly derail the whole process if you're not careful.

Here are hints and tips for keeping your motivation high and your temptation low:

Set goals.

It's always a good idea to set goals, as they give something to work towards, but it's essential to keep your goals realistic, or they simply won't be achievable. Not achieving a goal is a huge hit to motivation, while setting smaller goals and watching as you tick them off can keep you going even when it gets hard. Don't set yourself up to failure, and you're much more likely to succeed!

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If your diet comes with a workout plan, check out supplements that can help you maximize your performance, such as a tried and tested fat burning probiotic.

Take it slow.

Everyone has a better chance of making changes stick for the long term if they take it slowly! As you try to take the weight off too quickly, you'll probably be miserable and be more likely to binge.

Losing weight slowly also makes maintaining weight loss much easier. After all, weight loss and healthy living is a lifelong goal, not a short-term thing!

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Be cool with setbacks.

Everyone gives in from time to time. If you eat the occasional brownie, don't beat yourself up about it. Making yourself feel guilty is never a good thing. If you see the occasional indulgence as a massive failure, it can easily become one. That said, you also shouldn't let one brownie lead to eating the entire package because you ‘might as well.'

Find a buddy.

Doing anything by yourself is hard, so try and find someone else with similar goals to help keep you motivated. You can do the same for them in return! Try your local gym, an online forum, or your slimming group if you're in one. You can also train with your dog! That can be a fun and useful way to spend time with your furry friend. If all else fails, ask a friend who might not be on the same fitness journey to be at the end of the phone to offer support.

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Be patient with plateaus.

At some point, everyone's weight plateaus. Don't be discouraged. It's perfectly normal. All you need to do is to change it up. Try and burn a few extra calories in the gym, or change up your eating habits a bit. The weight will start coming off again in no time.

Reward yourself.

Dieting is hard work and can be the opposite of fun, so it's important to reward yourself when you reach a goal. Small rewards can incentivize you and keep you going. Just make sure your rewards aren't ice cream sundaes! You might take a bubble bath, buy new clothes, or even get a massage. The choice is yours!