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Meet The 2-Year-Old Backpacker Who Has Travelled More Than 483 Km

From that very first unsteady step to the first word, uttered slowly but with certainty—these are the significant milestones in a typical child’s life. But Bodhi Bennett is not your typical child. At only five days old, Bodhi had already taken his first camping trip. Since then he’s seen and hiked more of the world than most grown-ups—483 km, to be exact—and he’s done it completely before his 2nd birthday.

When Bodhi’s mother Shannon, an experienced backpacker and hiker, became pregnant, she and her husband Blake decided that they would keep on traveling.


“It was important to my husband and Me that our lives didn’t change because we were going to become parents,” Shannon told the Daily Mail. “We heard so many times that kids change your life entirely, and you can no longer do those enjoyable things you did when you were younger. But Bodhi climbs everywhere and enjoys mimicking what we do.”

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