The Most Remote and Amazing Places on Google Street View


We all know what Google Street View is, but how about we use this service to find the most remote and unusual places on our planet? We offer you 10 of the most remote and fascinating places available in the database of Google Maps . Each photo below is clickable and the link takes you to distant and exotic places of our wonderful planet. Enjoy your virtual tour!

svalbard, norway

Svalbard, Norway

great barrier reef, australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

galapagos islands, ecuador

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

scott’s hut and discovery hut, ross island, antarctica

Scott’s Hut and Discovery Hut, Ross Island, Antarctica

half moon island, antarctica

Half Moon Island, Antarctica

iqaluit, canada

Iqaluit, Canada

terceira island, portugal

Terceira Island, Portugal

chichi-jima island, japan

Chichi-jima Island, Japan

cambridge bay, canada

Cambridge Bay, Canada

midway islands, usa

Midway Islands, USA


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