French Street Artist Is Decorating NYC’s Streets with His Art

We adore smart street artwork. Thus we could not help but respect the work of celebrity Tom Bob, that has been running amok on the streets of New York and Massachusetts. If you are a fan of famous street artist OakOak, you will adore Tom Bob's job, as he utilizes abandoned elements of the road to creating whimsical art.

When it's turning electrical meters into reptiles and lobsters or a sewage drain to Blinky (the crimson ghost from Pac-Man), Tom Bob compels us to see fresh, exciting changes in public areas. It is not possible to take a look at his job without a grin, and a glimpse at a few before and after pictures reveals exactly how much the art installments change the space.

When he specializes in a single element, it's incredible to see how it can change according to his dream. His creativity has no boundaries!

Artist Tom Bob was operating on the streets of New York and Massachusetts, installing his smart street artwork on common components in the metropolitan landscape.