Hula, the Dynamic Artist Creating Murals of Half-Submerged Women on Water

All images © Sean Yoro, shared with permission

Hula is the artist who paints murals of half-submerged women on the water. Sean Yoro, also known as Hula, allows ocean currents to dictate his work. The artist performs his balancing act on a surfboard at underpasses and concrete obstacles only accessible by the water. He balances with just a few supplies—paints, brushes, and other materials must all fit within a 10 ft radius. His female subjects are frequently half-submerged in the sea, and their hands erupt from the water’s surface. “I had to learn not just a quicker and more efficient technique to paint on a surfboard, but also how to blend layers to be able to react to the tides and other factors that might restrict specific parts of the wall,” he adds.
The large-scale works of Yoro become more visible as the water level fluctuates, revealing the celestial patterns that sign his subjects’ faces or spots of paint on their backs. “I enjoy mixing more surreal features into my painted figures—trying to strike a balance between the water and concrete aesthetics,” he adds.
Yoro creates garden murals as well, and he also paints small pieces on canvas. His boutique occasionally offers limited-edition prints. You may keep track of Yoro’s newest work on Instagram.