The artist paints 55,000 square feet of grass to celebrate International Recycling Day

To celebrate International Recycling Day, the town of Buenos Aires asked French artist Saype to make a memorable installment. Famous for his large-scale paintings made with natural and biodegradable paintSaype took on the challenge and created a gorgeous piece of art with a message. Situated in Buenos Aires' Plaza General San Martin, the colossal piece shows a young woman thankfully doodling green imagery.

At 5,200 square meters, the painting is more visible in its entirety by the atmosphere, making for striking imagery. The job is a masterclass in technical ability, as Saype perfectly executes the perspective needed to bring the child. By comparison, the thick, bold white lines of her childish doodles help carry forth an essential message about today's youth and the fate of the planet.

"Here, the little girl symbolizes the future. Really, it is our children who are going to have the world of tomorrow within their hands," Saype informs My Modern Met. "Then, the publication symbolizes education and by extension, the significance of it in environmental conditions and recycling. Then, on each side, you can see chalk drawings. On one side vinyl waste in a garbage bin, on the other hand, the world to which we could tend if we take good care of our property to understand a peaceful and pure world like a child's drawing."

Saype worked diligently for a single week to perform the large mural on bud. For the artist, that was appointed among Forbes' 30 Under 30 at 2019; it had been an incredible chance to take his positive message outside of Europe. By dispersing his eco-friendly street art across the planet, he expects that he can motivate others to take action and inspire change. "I think I can say that I set a lot of energy into my projects and enthusiasm and that I will lead people like --leave a hint in minds and in hearts without leaving a trace on character and the surroundings, this is my fight."