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How to choose the right vaporizer

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Marijuana has been used by many cultures since the beginning of civilization and is still consumed today, however, the only difference is that today we have many more consumption methods at our disposal due to technological advances. One of those technological advances led to the creation of the dry herb vaporizer, which is said to not only be the most convenient way to consume marijuana, but also the healthiest. If you are new to the world of marijuana then you might not know the benefits it offers, or how to choose one. If that is the case, then here are a few tips to help you choose the right vaporizer. 

What Heating Method?

It can be argued that one of the most important aspects of choosing the right vaporizer is understanding the heating methods that they use. Dry herb vaporizers typically use two heating methods, namely convection, and conduction, however, some use a mixture of the two and are known as hybrids.

Convection vaporizers use hot air, similar to an oven, and this hot air circulates the marijuana until it is vaporized. Conduction vaporizers are the opposite; the bottom of the chamber is heated up and the marijuana is vaporized, similar to how a pan works with heat. The MagicVaporizers’ XMax Starry V3 is a great example of a conduction vaporizer with a sleek design, and you can find out more about this device on It is a very intuitive device, portable, discrete, and easy to use, so if you prefer conduction vaporizers this could easily be the best choice. However, convection vaporizers offer no less than an enjoyable experience, so it comes down to your personal preference.

Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are one type of vaporizer and are very large, and are required to be plugged into a power source in order to operate. Desktop vaporizers typically consist of a heating source, chamber, mouthpiece, and internal battery. Some use balloons, valves, and a mouthpiece which are called forced-air vaporizers, and others use a tube called a whip, a wand, and a mouthpiece which is known as the whip style. 

Desktop vaporizers are not the most convenient for those who like to move around a lot due to their size and the fact they need a power source, however, they are perfect for those who vape at home and with many friends. 

Portable Vaporizer

A portable vaporizer on the other hand is perfect for those who like to consume whilst on the go due to their size, the fact they don’t leave a lingering smell, and are easy to conceal. Just like desktop vaporizers, they come in a variety of types, namely session, and on-demand. 

On-demand vaporizers are usually the preferred choice, since as the name suggests, they can be used when demanded, or on the go. This is because once the process of consuming begins, it can be stopped and resumed later since almost all use convection as the heating source. 

Session vaporizers on the other hand, like the name, would imply, requires the users to consume everything in one go, or in a session, and this is because most use conduction as the heating source. 

How Often Should I Vape?

When it comes to how much should be consumed, that question is relatively difficult to answer, since it depends entirely on the user. There are many factors to consider, for example, if you consume marijuana often then you will develop a tolerance for it, meaning you would need to vape more often to keep the effects going. 

Another factor is your lifestyle, how much exercise you do, the foods you eat, why you are consuming marijuana. It also depends on the strain of the marijuana, since some marijuana strains don’t contain a lot of THC, so if you have a strain that doesn’t contain a lot, you will need to vape more often.  


When it comes to potency, the choice is yours with dry herb vaporizers. Most dry herb vaporizers allow you to select the temperature that is used, which is what allows you to choose how potent the effects will be. 

For example, if you select a temperature between 310°F to 330°F then you will receive mild effects and be able to maintain productivity. If you select a temperature between 330°F to 370°F then you will remain productive, but experience much stronger euphoric effects. Anything between 370°F to 430°F and you will most likely want to sleep and lose all productivity. 


E-cigarettes are dangerous because they contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and usually takes effect in less than one minute. Moreover, e-cigarette use poses a significant risk for young people who do not yet smoke traditional cigarettes as it increases their chances of developing addiction later on down the line by teaching new methods of inhalation that could eventually lead them into tobacco products like hookahs/dunks; additionally breathing someone else’s exhaled air molecules also pose potential risks when considering how toxic these substances can be even if you don’t inhale directly from an opened device’s nozzle!