6 Fun Things to Do While On Holiday in Thailand

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It’s been a while since Thailand became of the top destinations for travelers around the world. There is so much this breath-taking exotic country has to offer, from paradise-like landscapes and exquisite cuisine to its fascinating culture: Visiting Thailand is, therefore, a real not-to-miss experience. Whether you’re planning to travel solo, surround yourself with peers, or continue your travel adventures as a parent, here is a list of 6 most interesting things you can do while you’re spending your holiday in Thailand.

Visit the unique Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

This location is one of the most fascinating places you can see while you’re visiting Bangkok. Once you make your way there, you will soon come to realize why.

Photo by Heng Films on Unsplash

Avast, open landscape in the suburbs of Thailand’s capital has been home to several abandoned travel planes since 2010. The interiors of some of the aircraft have been stripped and rearranged to take in several families that have settled there permanently. For a fee, you can even take a step inside and explore this one-of-a-kind attraction and its inhabitants.

Test your archery skills on the Koh Phangan island

The amazing Koh Phagan is Thailand’s fifth biggest island. Boasting almost untouched natural beauty, including long, sandy beaches and lush forests, it attracts numerous tourists all year round.

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This tropical paradise offers several options for active adventurers ready to explore, from diving, kayaking, and trekking, to taking culinary classes and meditating. One of the most fun activities, however, is certainly archery, and you shouldn’t leave the island before giving it a try at least once.

Ride on an elephant’s back in Ayutthaya

For all travelers who prefer spending calming moments in nature, Ayutthaya Historical Park is a place to be. A day spent in this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City will help you recharge and experience a whole new definition of heaven on earth.

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Besides staking boat trips and river cruises, or taking some time to try kayaking, don’t miss a chance to ride on an elephant’s back while in Ayutthaya: The experience is sure to blow your mind. As a fun bonus, you can also try cycling at night to enjoy the beautifully lit ancient ruins, witnesses of Thailand’s rich history.

Try local foods and bring some spices home

It would be a shame to leave Thailand without trying its domestic cuisine, so make sure to add this to your to-do list. We especially recommend tasting the shrimp soup called Tom yum Goong, Thai fried noodles that go under the name Pad thai, and Yum Nua, spicy beef salad.

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If you’re a gourmet yourself, don’t miss a chance to purchase and bring home some of the original spices that Thai cooks use in abundance: Cardamon, Siamese ginger, lemongrass, and famous Thai spring onions.

Learn more about culture and history

Spending time in a new destination is an open invitation to meet various people and find out more about different cultures. When in Thailand, there’s so much you can do to learn all you ever wanted to know about this country and its inhabitants.

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According to CultureTrip recommendations, there are several intriguing museums you should visit if you’re a history buff always ready to expand their knowledge. Make sure to visit at least one of them while you’re on your holiday.

Share your experience: Start a travel blog

Visiting different corners of the world is always exciting, but sharing your impressions with the rest of the world can make you feel even more ecstatic. Unlike social media accounts that mostly focus on imagery and videos, a blog is a place where you can share your thoughts, experiences, and recommendations.

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Thailand is a vibrant, memorable destination that leaves no voyager in different. There are many things you can do during your holiday in this mesmerizing place, so make sure to make the most out of this one-of-a-kind experience.

If you’re too busy exploring and feeling the beauty that is Thailand but still wants to get home with memories you can share on social media or your blog, consider hiring a local photographer or videographer. Let them capture the most fascinating places and moments while you relax and enjoy the destination you’re never going to forget.

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