Dimitar Karanikolov’s Aerial Photos Offer a Unique Aspect of Venice

Being one of the most filmed cities in the world, it is tough to get a unique picture of Venice. And nonetheless, architect and photographer Dimitar Karanikolov managed to do it just that with his drone. We frequently think that the very best views of Venice come by ship, but Karanikolov's drone photographs reveal the incredible artistry from Venice's urban structures.

Getting up early to catch the sunrise, Karanikolov used a drone to capture amazing panoramas of the city.
"Aerial photography makes it possible for a top-down view of this entire world --that could be carried out only with a drone or a satellite," the photographer tells My Modern Met. "These aerial photographs are extremely architectural, almost like a plan view, and totally different from the human, regular perspective."

Burnt sienna dominates the color palette, as tightly packed terracotta roofs are interspersed with splashes of blue canals and white marble facades.

Karanikolov had desired to flaunt Venice's amazing urban planning, a thing his architectural background surely taught him to love. He wanted to show"a very well-known place from a different new angle."

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