Photographer Matt Horspool Captures Marvelous Aerial Shots of His Travels Across 43 Countries

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Adventure photographer Matt Horspool is a pure explorer. Born in South Korea and raised in rural New South Wales, the award-winning freelancer has stepped in 43 countries across six continents, with a tour across South America among his most memorable. Along with snapping photos from the floor, Horspool also records his dreamy backpacking journeys from above.

Shot from drones, hot air balloons, as well as other sky-high methods, Horspool’s aerial landscape photographs, offer you an exciting chance to view the planet from a fresh perspective. His body of work showcases a range of subjects, from beachfront cities and mountain villages into natural pools and twisting tributaries.

Possibly the most alluring part of his photos is their mysterious setting in many shots, moody blankets of fog and mist circle and shroud the tranquil scenery. This is mostly because Horspool prefers shooting in the morning when he feels less like a tourist and more like a local. “It’s always the best time to research a town since there are no locals or tourists about,” he divulges. “The location is yours.”

If you enjoy what you see, you are in luck. Fortunately, it appears we can expect much more jaw-dropping shots to grace his Instagram, as the ever-ambitious adventurer”does not anticipate quitting anytime soon.”

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