Gigantic abandoned strawberry becomes popular among Polish urban explorers

When traveling from Modlin to Warsaw (Poland) , you can find this bizarre and fantastic object - a strawberry that lies right next to the road. It's hard to miss it because it is enormous. You probably have plenty of questions by now.
This strawberry was a symbol of a big farm - Sadpol. Its owner had a field of a size 700-hectares, and it was covered with strawberries. He had clients from all over Europe, and he sold thousands of kilograms of berries per year. Meaning, it was a successful business. It would have been the most influential strawberry business if not for a loss of employees.
For an unknown reason, they quit their jobs and showed no interest in coming back. Maybe it's because people tend to seek and choose social security benefits instead of meaningful work. Due to this situation, the farm had to shut down, and the only thing remaining on the field is this giant strawberry - as a remainder of Sadpol.
Nowadays, the strawberry draws urban explorers. One can take amazing pics in color in summer; in winter, the shots become slightly gloomy.