Alexis Dornier designs prefab houses that could be moved

Alexis Dornier, architect bad on Bali, came up with an idea for prefabricated homes, that one could tear down and put back together in another chosen location. These homes are called Stilt Studios, and their main objective is to create the least damage to the landscape. German architect moved to Bali in 2013, and he explains that the reality over there is that relocation is something that often happens as the leasehold plots are with defined deadlines and limitations towards the number of years. That is why Alexis Dornier decided to find an alternative to this situation. The talented architect Dornier and his team are supposed to construct the first Stilt Studio for them, and the plan is to build it in the middle of the forest, as they can profit using the shade of trees surrounding them. However, Dornier is eager to escalate the project. He is expanding a series of different facades, all adjustable in material and shape, so that the buildings can serve a variety of uses. He also advises that numerous units could be linked. Another idea regarding these buildings is to plant and grown food underneath them. There will be plenty of sustainable solutions, including rainwater harvesting, energy-generating solar panels, but also big overhangs destined to decrease solar heat gain.
Alexis Dornier believes that Stilt Studios might contribute to the tourism industry in Bali as this industry is reaching its peak.
He also says that to bring expansion into isolated regions, to promote the economy on secluded islands, we need knock-down constructions that are manufactured offsite, and that can erect a tiniest amount of time, without sophisticated skillsets required.

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