Dutch Studio Mecanoo Completes 14-Floor Office in Seoul

Dutch studio Mecanoo has finished a slender 14-storey tower at Seoul contrary among South Korea‘s oldest and biggest markets. Since its roots as a government-managed business area in 1414, the Namdeamun marketplace has come to be a significant 24-hour destination for commerce, in addition to a favorite tourist attraction.


‘The function of the framework extends beyond decoration, always creating different atmospheres, filtering interior lighting and producing shadows around the inside spaces,’ clarifies Mecanoo. The slim construction sits on a prominent corner plot contrary to the current market, optimizing the property allocated to the plot.

The tower’s most cool black and form materiality behave as a visual counterbalance into the vibrant frenzy of the adjoining market. ‘The association between the building and its environment reflects the passage of time, shifting from day to night,’ keep the architects. Through the afternoon, the façade reflects the sun, while throughout the night, the construction awakens subtly from inside, showing the Elevation’s characteristic pattern.