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Artist Cecelia Webber Creates Striking Psychedelic Patterns Created With Nude Figures

Look closely-- those kaleidoscopic patterns comprise of tiny nude bodies, intricately twirling at a black area

That's right. These incredibly involved illustrations were made by photographing and replicating dozens of nude figures, all painted various colors as if they were paint strokes on a canvas.


This psychedelic artwork is the work of art performer Cecelia Webber .

What began as a very simple self-portrait blossomed into a whole body art show when she noticed that her figure seemed like a petal in the photo. Could she replicated the form digitally and built a blossom? The show evolved organically from there.

Once a man actually looked for five minutes really close up at them before jumping in shock.


Weber's favorite part of showing her job is watching people attempt to determine how she left the job.

"After a guy looked for five minutes quite close up on them before jumping in shock," she recalls.

As for the procedure, Webber explains that these pieces take many phases to complete:

"I begin by researching photos of the creature or plant I am trying to make and then sketch presents I wish to picture in a notebook... I never sew my versions or edit them to change them -- it's important to me to depict real organic bodies," she says.


"Once I have my photographs I start laying out my slice and playing with color and arrangements... Many extreme transformations take place at this stage, so it is magical because so many different variations are possible. I feel many chances at once, but the legitimate kind of my subject slowly emerges."

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