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Drawing Made Of 10,000,000 Lines. Painting Made From 10 Pints Of Blood And The Rest

British artist, Maxwell Rushton, is coming on the scene with his hard-hitting pieces and giant projects. He has recently finished a 40-meter long drawing consisting of 10,000,000 hand-drawn marks called ‘Drawn out‘ (which he made in total isolation over a year). Also soon to drop is his ‘Buy In Bleed Out‘ painting in which he transfers all the blood in his body into a single logo, in order to be a brand.

Exchanging fluids with Coca-cola to get closer to the brand.

Candy From a Baby, 2014.
Dimensions: 600 mm X 600 mm. Materials: paint and crayon on canvas.
Collaboration with Pearl (age 4). Part of series ‘Funny Noises’.



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3 Kingz, 2014
Digital print on Hahnemühle Satin Rag.



advert, 2014.
Dimensions: 1,200 mm X 500 mm. Materials: artist’s blood on canvas.
maxwell shapes his body into an advert for himself, imitating how we are shaped be the commercial world around us.

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