Bring The Cool Back Into Your Office


Office establishments have always been viewed as dull and lifeless from the outside world, regardless of what may be going on inside. However, as most stereotypes nowadays, this one can also be easily dismissed – most modern office spaces are vibrant and full of life, as opposed to the stuffy way, in which they’re presented through media.

Whatever work may go on inside the walls of the establishment is irrelevant, because even the most serious and demanding work locations can be as bright and colorful as any amusement park, both on the inside and outside. If you’re searching for a way to re-establish the look and feel of your work space, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for below!


  • Renovate

Partially or even completely renovating is always a good step towards improving your environments. Should you find yourself tasked with renovation, always make sure to keep two things in mind: the comfort of everyone in your office, department and/or building and your budget.

A Quick Heads-Up: Remodelling the exterior of a building is always costly and if you’re on a tight budget, which will also have to cover the interior, you’ll need to make your decisions very carefully.

Overall, basic exterior improvements and changes aren’t difficult to execute at all, as long as your city’s laws allow it. Anything additional, such as painting murals and/or graffiti on the outside needs to be discussed thoroughly with a proper authority figure, otherwise it can be seen as an act of vandalism.

If you do have some more creative ideas for the exterior, just make sure that whatever you do won’t get you into trouble. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll have one gorgeous eye-catcher of a building.


Go Crazy With The Interior

The interior is really the place, where you can go crazy. While the outside may have some restrictions to its customization, so to speak, the interior is as boundless as you want it to be (or as your employer wants it to be). If you’re given any kind of freedom – go nuts, hell, you can even abuse it to death. Just remember, that whatever you do, people are still going to work there, once you’re done and I’m not talking about the sparkly, pole-dancing kind of work… unless, of course, that’s what actually goes on inside those walls. Also, make sure you’ve contacted your office cleaners London to come and assist you with cleaning up, once ever remodelling task has been dealt with.

  • Decorate

Remember how I said that you can go nuts with the interior? Well, when it comes to décor, you can go nuts, multiplied by two. Or you could literally go crazy, because Lord knows that décor doesn’t come in a limited variety.

The only, unspoken rule about office décor, is that it should be kept to a bare minimum, as décor overkill can easily ruin both the mood and practicality of the work environment.


Paint To Your Heart’s Content

Unless you’ve been asked to keep the standard pale walls as empty as possible, you can really create a masterpiece. There’s no need to hire an artist or painter – all you have to do is gather everyone who wants to contribute and decide on what you’re going to do with the wall/s. Will there be sketches? Will it be a giant scrapbook? Will you paint a picture or will you just splatter layers and layers of paint to create an abstract vibe? The possibilities are endless and as long as you have such freedom, you’ll never be faced with a dull idea.

  • Get Gadgets

Office gadgets are always a neat little treat – anything from small desktop gadgets, such as stress balls and punching bags can easily help out employees or make their days less troublesome. You can even do a version of the dare dies, only with tasks, appropriate for your work environment and job positions. Also, who doesn’t love sassy or unusual sticky notes?