Dutch Designer Built Rising Chair Inspired by Nature

When you hear someones says "flat pack furniture" you may automatically think about IKEA furniture, but contemporary Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs has made a collection of furnishings--called Rising Furniture--which will force you to think again.

To build this innovative designs, Embricqs asked himself, "To what level is the object you are creating capable of dictating its design?" Exploring this assumption to the fullest, he sought inspiration in nature, celebrating the complex transformations located in the natural world around him.

Embricqs' chairs, tables, and bowls begin life as flat, single parts of bamboo. Each bit then opens up to find its final shape, like a flower in blossom. When not in use, they may be seamlessly folded back up again together hardly visible hinges, concealing their secret arrangement.

Embricqs examines the collection as a collaboration between himself and the material, whereby the last outcome could not be wholly predicted. Explaining the ending stage of creating a bit, he says, "I still did not understand what shape the chair would take in the long run. This depends upon the several designs of this wooden beams that the seat is constructed of. Folding the seat into its definitive form, as a creator, a special connection to the material was born."

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