Green Ideas for DIY Paper Lamps, Chandeliers & Lanterns

I can’t think of a better way to help the Planet than using your hands to create a useful and beautiful thing out of recycled materials. Having fun while doing it is the main key to a successful project. If living “green” is your passion then try to recycle and upcycle whatever you like and make some crafty items.

DIY home improvement projects are not only entertaining but also very useful when it comes to interleaving your home décor. And, what’s more, they help us make this small difference in the world and save it from the waste and garbage we leave after our daily routine. That’s why they’ve become so famous all over the world lately.

Here are a few ideas for creative light fixtures such as table lamps, lanterns and chandeliers.

I admit that not all of these ideas are entirely recycling-oriented, but they are still very attractive and can save you the expense of buying commercial lamps and lanterns. Most of these projects don’t require special equipment, so you could try out a few at home.

You can find many different ideas for DIY light fixtures all over the internet, but here I have emphasised only on these made of paper because they are the easiest to make.

Delicate Paper Chandelier


Romantic “Cupcake” Chandelier


Spring Inspired Green Paper Lamp

6 butterfly garden paper lantern hanging ceiling - paper lantern-f75302

Origami Lampshade


A Cute Way to Use Your Old Map


Fabulous Colourful Lanterns


Amazing Graphic Oriented Lanterns


Abstract Art Chandelier


Lovely Origami Beauty


Inspiring Recycled Paper Lamp