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The Polaroid Go Camera Introduces Point and Shoot Convenience to the Selfie

The quality of the pictures produced by portable instant cameras is often poor, but there's a niche for them. So, whether you prefer the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1's tiny size or the Polaroid Go camera's cuteness, you're in luck. An artist has unveiled a new style to the already thrilling and attractive Polaroid Go with its limited-edition concept to pique your senses.

I'm a massive fan of Polaroid cameras; they've been the best-selling instant cameras for decades, and their film has consistently surpassed expectations. Families and friends have used a tiny, ultra-compact instant Polaroid camera to capture short moments on the move. In recent years, especially with the Go edition, it's become white and pleasant. It's the ideal little camera for travel since it has a vintage yet updated appearance that appeals to both the photographer and photo enthusiast in one compact form.

The Polaroid Go Camera is the most recent Polaroid camera available. It comes in four colors, is compact, and makes taking self-portraits simple. The Polaroid Go is a simple yet stylish camera that can be carried around with the palm of your hand. It's only $99.99, making it an excellent gift for any photographer.

The Polaroid Go is already jam-packed with distinctive characteristics such as double exposure, a selfie timer, and a retro look that harkens back to old Polaroid cameras. Designer JK Captain, known for his retro-futuristic computer from the Loki series, thinks the white plastic-bodied Polaroid Go with splashes of color has some room for improvement.

The designer has included a manual focus lens below the company's signature rainbow stipe logo for more accurate focusing and better low-light photography to show the idea Polaroid would want to examine carefully. Three bright buttons for Exposure, Timing, and Autofocus are included and zoom in, zoom out buttons on the camera's control pad. The basic design concept of the Polaroid Go has not changed; however, the ingenious modifications will make the Polaroid Go special edition stand out.

Designer: JK Captain