These Optical Illusion Rugs Make It Look Like You’re Might Fall Into A Giant Hole

Watch out–if you are not careful, you might drop through this giant hole in the ground! Well, not very, however, the optical illusion rugs of designer Scott Jarvie will force you to think so. Calling the project Void Rug, the unique decoration is relatively simple in design–comprising just two colors–yet quite visually powerful. They are persuasive enough to make you think there’s a deep crater in the middle of your home.

Both floor coverings are best appreciated when you’ve got some distance from these; it makes the sliver of grey look like it’s really the border of a deep black hole. If you are standing on top of the carpet, it loses the fantastical effect. However, the abstract shapes still add some visual excitement to your area.

The modern rugs come in two sizes– there is around version that is designed for large spaces as well as a long rectangle that’s designated as a runner for tight areas like hallways.

Scott Jarvie has designed optical illusion rugs that, from the perfect angle, look like a giant crater has opened up in your property.

Scott Jarvie: Website | Instagram
h/t: Contemporist