Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is a miniaturist and former stencil artist based in Norwood, South Australia. With a career spanning 17 years he has showcased his work in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Japan and all over Australia in over 100 exhibitions.

Formerly a self educated stencil artist Josh refocused his career to establishing Espionage Gallery, an Art Gallery based in Adelaide, South Australia showcasing both emerging and well established local, interstate and worldwide artists. For 4 years he showcased over 600 artists from more than 20 nations.

Back in 2015 following the closing of Espionage Gallery Josh refocused back onto his own career now as a self educated miniaturist. His miniature functions primarily focus on the often overlooked aspects of the urban environment such as grime, rust, rust to discarded smokes and graffiti absolutely recreated in 1:20 scale miniatures.

Despite his relatively brief career in this new leadership his job has already been showcased in galleries and art fairs in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Sydney and Melbourne. He’s currently showcasing work using Muriel Guepin Gallery at New York and in the VOLTA Art Fair in New York City.

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