Best Ideas to Pick a Pocket Square for Your Dress

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Photo by Tyler Harris on Unsplash

Pocket squares are time efficient and effective accessories in menswear to upgrade your outfit. Within a few seconds, a pocket square can increase the elegance of your house. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this small piece of accessory, you should know how to match a pocket square with your tie and shirt. Moreover, you have to understand the right ways to fold a pocket square.

If you want to achieve a flattering and pleasing style, make sure to create a symphonic look. Here are some tips for your assistance.

Solid Square and a Patterned Tie

Before buying a pocket square, you have to consider the color of your dress. For instance, a blue striped shirt and a navy jacket will look good with a red, orange or yellow pocket square. Moreover, a pastel shirt, gray jacket, and an orange tie need a patterned pocket square. Before buying this square, make sure to consider the accurate color tone.

If you want to select a perfect pocket square, consider different formalities, such as a jacket, a tie, etc. Feel free to start with a jacket so that you can choose other accessories. For example, a charcoal suit is a formal outfit. Similarly, something in brown glen checks is a casual option.

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Once you are done with a jacket, pick a shirt. Feel free to wear a light blue or off-white shirt because you can accessorize it with different pocket squares, ties, a boutonniere, etc. After selecting a shirt, you will pick a necktie, and the pocket square can be the final item to choose. It should complement your tie.

Remember, you have to create a dashing and attractive outfit. Make sure to incorporate over three patterns in a costume to avoid an overwhelming look. No doubt, some men can combine four to five patterns, but it needs excellent eyes, skill, and a great experience.

Pattern of Suit

Imagine wearing a shantung tie with a patterned pocket square. It may be a great combination with a glen plaid suit. Remember, you can try several combinations. Make sure to consider the nature of the event, such as formal or casual, before preparing a dress for you.

Plain and Simple Accessories

With a bold shirt, you will need plain and simple accessories. Make sure to choose accessories from a similar color palette. For instance, a white and green shirt looks nice with a dark navy tie. Feel free to select something solid to turn heads.

Patterned Pocket Squares

With a navy gray or a solid navy jacket, you will need bold pocket squares. Remember, patterned pocket squares go really well with dark suits. Make sure to consider the shades of your dress when selecting a pocket square.

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Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Your tie and pocket square should look distinctly different. Feel free to choose an informal madder pocket square with a dark jacket. Remember, these accessories can help you to create a distinct look without affecting your budget. Silk is always a better material for pocket squares over others.