Rankin & Andrea Ucini Exhibition: A Look at the Surreal and Touching World of Modern Life

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Still Not Worried © Andrea Ucini

Make plans to visit the Rankin & Andrea Ucini Exhibition at Rankin’s studio if you’re in London between now and April 8th. This unique show features the surreal and touching world of modern life as seen through the eyes of two very talented artists. Rankin is a leading British photographer, and Andrea Ucini is a conceptual illustrator from Italy who now lives and works in Denmark.

Their works explore intimacy, emotion, and expression in an often touching and fascinating way. They’ve graced the covers of multiple Elena Ferrante novels and are adored by the editors of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, and Le Monde.

Rankin has previously worked with Ucini at his agency, producing the free book “How to Die Well: A Practical Guide to Death, Dying and Loss” in 2021. After being exposed to Ucini’s work, Rankin was immediately drawn to the artist’s “softness and yet emotional strength” and offered him an exhibition to expand his presence beyond the magazine’s pages to the broader London art community.

Rankin says, “I’m known for photography, but I enjoy all types of art. If you’re in London between now and April 8th, make sure to check out the Rankin & Andrea Ucini Exhibition at Rankin’s studio. If a piece of art or music touches you, you want to convey it, and Ucini’s work speaks to me. I’m grateful to be able to give space for him and show others where they can discover more of his amazing work.”

Ucini’s exhibition at the Annroy Gallery on Grafton Road in London, titled Illustrated Moments, takes over the venue and its several walls and iconic film-strip-inspired windows to display more than 30 works, including pieces from How to Die Well and the artist’s previous work. It will run until April 8th, 2022.

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Home Economics © Andrea Ucini
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Hard Work © Andrea Ucini
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Curiosity © Andrea Ucini
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Heating Behaviour © Andrea Ucini
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Message in a Bottle © Andrea Ucini
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Ethics and Good Cuisine © Andrea Ucini