Furious Beauty Of Supercell Storms caught by American Photographer

American photographer Camille Seaman has documented the furious beauty of supercell storms extending from North Dakota to Texas in a series labeled ‘The Big Cloud’. Teaming with experienced storm chasers, Seaman was able to catch the natural phenomena looming through the western landscape -- immortalizing billowing cloud masses and smoky gray tornadoes. The job represents seaman's relationship towards nature -- especially concerning people and their environment -- requesting her audience to consider their environment and its importance. The storms seaman struck would reach dimensions of 50 miles broad and 65, 000 feet large, able to produce grapefruit-sized hail.

Seaman says of her artwork:

'Within my continuation of exploring subjects in nature that can illustrate that the interconnection of all life on earth I found myself stalking a type of single giant cloud known as a supercell. All I can do is make sure I'm prepared for the few minutes I have.'