Double Moonbow & Rainbow: Photographer Brian Haislip Captures Stunning Images of Rare Phenomenon

So you think the rainbow is just for daytime? Photographer Brian Haislip captured a dazzling double moonbow that appeared over water in Lexington Park, Maryland. In four shots captured in Lexington Park, Maryland, during a double moonbow event, we can see lightning crashing through the multicolored arc while also highlighting calmer moments. The results will leave you both stunned and amazed!

Brian Haislip is a storm addict and loves to take pictures of storms in his neighborhood. So when he heard that there was an ongoing lightning storm going on at the waterfront, he trekked down to see if it could be captured as well. “This particular night,” said Brian while talking with My Modern Met, “the lightning calmed down around 10 p.m., so I packed up and went back home.” He then hears more thunder coming from a distance away but being tired after photographing all day long is not enough for him because deep inside himself – what people would call a ‘storm lover,’ or somebody who’s addicted to them – wants something else: another opportunity! And sure enough, just past midnight, he decided to grab his camera and return to the same spot.

“The storm ended up not producing very much lightning, so I decided to call it a night” Haislip recalled slowly taking his camera off its tripod and carefully putting the strap over his shoulder. “As I was getting ready to pick my camera back up, this crazy-looking white formation of energy appeared in the distance. It took me a few seconds to grasp what exactly it was, but when I did, I couldn’t believe that such a fantastic thing could happen right before my eyes!
When the storm was finally over, I turned to see a full moon peeking out from behind some of those clouds. It looked beautiful! And then, all at once, this amazing double moonbow appeared right in front of me and threw my camera off balance. As soon as he realized what had happened, he quickly adjusted his settings so that he could snap up every photo possible before it disappeared forever.” The lightning streaking across the sky added just enough light for him to capture these bolts coming out of said bow until there were no more storms left on site.