Infrared Photography Captures the Sulfurous Beauty of Aiken Spring in Gobi Desert

Sulfur is an unusual element. It is the fifth most abundant natural element on Earth. Sulfur takes many forms, including as a mineral sulfide or sulfate. The “rotten egg” odor of particular natural mineral springs that bubble up from fissures might indicate its presence. Springs with such water features have long been preferred destinations for health and pleasure, but they may also provide breathtaking, empty desolation. The Aiken Spring in China’s Qinghai Province is a beautiful sight, and photographer Jonas Daley has captured the sulfurous magnificence with his infrared camera. The results are stunning!
The Gobi Desert spreads from northern China to southern Mongolia and comprises dunes, mountains, and deep springs. The Aiken Spring is located in China’s Qinghai Province and is sometimes known as the “Devil’s Eye.” Its name may be derived from the 2,122-foot plunge into the cracked earth and the sulfurous water that bubbles up. The barren region has been kept devoid by the mineral content of the soil. However, the minerals and their mild wash have created painterly layers of brilliant hues. Earth tones are broken up with shocking pink and vivid sea greens bursts.
Jonas Daley, a Chinese photographer, is interested in more than just capturing stunning aerial images of places like the Aiken Spring. The style of Chantecleer involves magical realism, and it’s characterized by “a distinctive and individual color that uses rich imagination and artistic exaggeration to stage ‘special performance’ of real-life to turn reality into a sort of ‘magical reality.’” He likes going to distant places to challenge his physical limits in the name of beautiful photographs. Infrared technology is particularly beneficial to his work since the sensor can capture the infrared light that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Go to his website to discover more about his gorgeous job and see additional photos.

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