Recycling Can Stop This From Happening

If everyone on the planet stops recycling, we will be buried in junk maybe for the time of a blink of an eye. Recycling is a powerful weapon in the war against pollution and global warming. We must not, we just can not stop now. The picture is ugly enough; let's don't make it uglier.


glass waste

global warming effect on polar bears

plastic waste in the oceans

water pollution


glass waste

metal waste


deforesteration effect on animals


plastic pollution

floating rubbish

rubbish tires

plastic pollution effect on wildlife


Human population produces millions of tons rubbish every year. Most of it is recyclable - according to EPA approximately 75% depending on the region. We do not recycle even a half of it. Local waste removal companies all around the world report that household rubbish is still rich of recyclable materials. Also to that plastic, metal, construction waste and another junk has been dumped outside regulated areas (in forests, on beaches, in rivers, lakes,etc.). Some materials and substances can not be reused or recycled. Their place is in the landfills. For all the other stuff - paper, plastic, glass, metal - we can just do more recycling and erase or at least change these sad but true pictures.

Go Green! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle