Grit, Grime and Graffiti: NYC Subway 1981 by Christopher Morris

The New York City subway of the 1980s, as captured by renowned American photographer Christopher Morris, offers an evocative glimpse into a tumultuous era. His photo series, "NYC Subway 1981," unveils the raw and unvarnished state of one of the world's most famous urban transit systems during a time when the city grappled with significant challenges.


The Urban Canvas of Chaos and Creativity

The subway in the 1980s was a stark contrast to today's system. Morris' photographs bring to life an environment where the trains and platforms were engulfed in graffiti. This graffiti was not just simple tags; it was an intricate layering of art and expression, a chaotic collage that told stories of the city's struggles and dreams.


Guardian Angels: Protectors in Turmoil

A striking feature in Morris' collection is the presence of the Guardian Angels. Founded in 1979, this organization emerged as a response to the rampant violence and crime within the subway. Their vigilant presence in the photos symbolizes the community's effort to reclaim their city from the brink of despair.


Keith Haring's Raw Artistry on Display

Among the myriad of graffiti, a standout piece by the legendary artist Keith Haring captures the essence of street culture in the 1980s. His work, raw and unfiltered, speaks volumes of the era's artistic pulse and the burgeoning street art movement.

a man standing in front of a graffiti covered wall

A Metropolis in Despair and Hope

The series is not just a chronicle of decay; it's a narrative of a city's resilience. The poorly-lit, crowded, and often dangerous subway scenes are juxtaposed with moments of community effort and artistic brilliance, painting a picture of a city fighting to find its way back.

Transformation from Chaos to Order

Today, the subway stands as a testament to New York's remarkable ability to reinvent itself. The once-pervasive graffiti, crime, and grime have given way to a more organized and cleaner system. Morris' photos serve as a reminder of where the city has been and how far it has come.

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