Thousands of People March the Streets of Hamburg in Protest for the G20 Summit

On July 5th, 2017, 1000 figures coated in clay appeared on the streets of Hamburg, Germany – quietly protesting the present G20 summit. Through a week-long performance arranged by the local collective 1000 GESTALTEN, the group sent out a powerful message which urged Germany and the entire world to struggle to get a greater humanity and solidarity in those difficult times.

The art performance by 1000 GESTALTEN unfolded itself as an overwhelming story of transformation and growth. Indeed, the dusty clay shells evoke a society that has lost its sense of solidarity, finally contaminating itself together with the flavor of selfishness and nonacceptance. At some point during the act, the group radically sheds its second skin — symbolizing a people who’ve freed itself from its rigid ideological structures. To put it differently, this represents a society which has overcome political turmoils and came together in need of more tolerance, open-mindedness and constructive discourse.


Image © Christian Angl




Image © Andrea Ruester

As the spokesmen of 1000 GESTALTEN nation, ‘we cannot wait until change occurs from the world’s most powerful, we have to show political and social obligation – all of us – now! We want to put back in memory compassion, and public spirit conveys individuality for society. Our campaign is a further symbol of how a lot of individuals don’t want to put up with all the damaging effect of capitalism no more. What will save us in the long run, isn’t our accounts balance but someone who’ll offer their holding hand’.

Due to over a hundred volunteers and many months of preparation, the project successfully took place between Berlin and Hamburg.

Image © Willem Thomsen
Image © Christian Angl
Image © Christian Angl
Image © Christian Angl
Image © Christian Angl
Image © Andrea Ruester
Image © Christian Angl
Image courtesy of 1000 GESTALTEN
Image © Christian Angl

Image courtesy of 1000 GESTALTEN

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