Awesome Street Art: 17 of The Most Wonderful Painted Stairways In The World

This anthology, featuring 17 brilliantly adorned and vividly hued staircases from various corners of the world, serves as a compelling testament to the ingenuity and artistic spirit prevalent in numerous communities. The stairways are not just functional structures for vertical movement; they’re transformed into canvases that display an array of colors and designs, reflecting the unique cultures, traditions, and histories of their respective locales.

What makes these stairways particularly noteworthy is the communal effort involved in their creation and maintenance. In many cases, residents or local artists take the initiative to brighten up their public spaces, sometimes even involving young people in the community as a way to pass down cultural values and skills. These artistic endeavors often become neighborhood landmarks and tourist attractions, adding economic value to the area.

In some instances, the architecture of the stairs themselves is also significant, blending form and function in unique ways. Spiral staircases, wide flights, and dramatic inclines all add another layer of interest. Furthermore, the materials used can vary widely, from concrete and wood to more unusual elements like tiles and mosaics. This variety often provides insight into local resources and craftsmanship.


Beirut, Lebanonbeirut-lebanon

Istanbul, Turkeyistanbul-turkey

Morlaix, Francemorlaix-france

Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaphiladelphia

Rio de Janeiro, Brazilrio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazilrio-de-janeiro-brazil

San Francisco, Californiasan-francisco

Seoul, South Koreaseoul

Seoul, South Koreaseoul-south-korea

Sicily, Italysicily-italy


Tehran, Irantehran-iran

Valparaiso, Chilevalparaiso-chile

Valparaiso, Chilevalparaiso-chile1

Wuppertal, Germanywuppertal-germany