matreshka faberge stencil spray streetart ostap

Stencil Street Art by Ostap

Ukrainian-born and Berlin-based artist Ostap creates stencil street art that arouses an
Emotion in the Audience, especially positive emotions, like smile or laugh, or
on the contrary – he shows his personal attitude to the modern culture, politics, society, religion and sex…


Spreeywald untergrund graffiti streetart ostap Berlin 2015

ark berlin stencil street art ostap2017

Holly shit graffiti by ostap web


Spreewald underground banana stencil streetart Auguststrasse Berlin Ostap

Banana peel Interactive Spray Stencil Street Art Ostap Berlin 2015

100EUR interaktive street art berlin Ostap 2015

100EUR interaktive street art berlin Ostap 2a

loving disney stencil street art Ostap kastanienallee berlin2016

LOVING DISNEY graffiti stencil street art Berlin

Jesus VISA Spray Street Art Berlin Ostap 2014