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TAPE ART – Art made out of sticky tape by Ostap & SELFMADECREW

This is TAPE ART- Art created out of only different types of adhesive tape by Berlin-based ukrainian-born tape artist “Ostap” and his collective “Selfmadecrew”. Here you can see how many kinds of art you can create using of tape. For example for Street Art and Graffiti but without vandalism, because the adhesive tapes can be removed residue-free. Thus the artists can use the tapes as a legal alternative. But not only for street art, but also for sculptures, installation, 3D art pieces etc.
In this post you can see mainly Ostap’s artworks from two types of adhesive tape: duct and packing tape.

For more cool artworks out of sticky tape visit Ostap’s Homepage:

feel packing tape art vitrag ostap2014

Tapeart streetartfestival hamburg selfmadecrewostap 2016

climbing sprayer tapestreetart sculpture ostap selfmadecrew berlin2016

ampelmann tapestreetart ostap tac2016 postimage

Tape graffiti art Flensburg Ostap 2016

Peach duct tape graffiti ostap2015

Still Unrest tape art VanGoghOstap 2015

ak47 packing tape art ostap 2016

FAQLOVE packingtape art diptych ostap 2013

racing car duct tape graffiti selfmadecrew 2016

FAQLOVE packingtape art ostap 2013

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