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5 Amazing Towns in the New Zealand that You Just Cannot Afford to Miss

Travel is much more required for a human being to breathe in a new way and doing tons of different things. For a few it is simply a desire to get away and for some it is a passion to get away for some time to break their monotonous routine. Therefore the place should be carefully decided, and if one is running from all the chaos in life, then the best option is New Zealand.

This place is a home to a variety of thrilling adventure sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, river sledding and jet boating. New Zealand would win anyone with its world famous wines. Most of the distance is covered by road so what is better than renting a Campervan Rental in Hobart.

If you have decided to visit this awesome scenic place, these are five places just cannot afford to miss:

#1.The Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands located north of Auckland are a must see on your trip to New Zealand. Just imagine the blue-green waters that are surrounded by white sand beaches, the sun and tropical islands. The central town of Bay of Islands is Paihia and is an ideal spot to base for your time in Northland. Paihia is a busy little town with plenty of hostels, heaps of bars and sits directly on the bay. There is no shortage of activities here, spend the day sailing around the islands, dolphin watching, diving, kayaking or simply soaking up the sun on Paihia beachfront.

#2. Coromandel Peninsula


The Coromandel Peninsula is a ferry ride for an hour to three-hour drive away from Auckland. It’s again a weekend escape from the busy lives of the cities of New Zealand’s North Island. This also offers up a mesmerizing combination of beaches, fishing villages and has great hiking options with the mountainous spine splitting the peninsula in half.

The visit will be incomplete without trying out the Coromandel town’s famous smoked mussels, soaking the day away in your own private and personally dug spa at the Hot water Beach, or getting a real taste of KIWI ingenuity at the Driving Creek Railway

#3. Lake Taupo

Situated in the centre of the North Island, Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest freshwater lake. Lake Taupo was formed after a massive volcanic eruption thousands of years ago and is simply hollow filled with water. It is a very deep crater with its deepest point being over 600 feet deep. On the North Shore of the lake is the town of Taupo – a busy little town.

Lake Taupo presents plenty of opportunities for the traveller. It’s the most famous spot in New Zealand to skydive, and you can only imagine the view of Lake Taupo from 15,000 feet. Travellers should also consider theTaupoBungy that at 47 meters are the highest water touch Bungy in New Zealand. One can try the trout fishing as well.

#4. Kaikoura (South Island)

Kaikoura is an island and sits in an absolutely epic spot at the base of the Seaward Kaikoura Range. While the town picturesque location and the nearby marine wildlife make up for anything, the town itself is lacking. Thanks to a combination of ocean currents Kaikoura's coast is a home to the huge variety of marine mammals – think bus-sized Sperm Whales and playful Dusky Dolphins.

Whale Watch Kaikoura guarantees you’ll spot a whale on their whale watch tours, and a couple companies will take you swimming with the dolphins. The main street in Kaikoura offers up a couple of decent bars for you to spend your evening in and the bakery does a bloody good Kiwi meat pie for your break-in the next morning.

#5. Queenstown

Queenstown is situated in an unbeatable location that is on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and offers up stunning views of The Remarkable mountain range. This small resort town offers up something to please even the most dedicated of thrill-seekers just make sure you bring enough cash.

If you’re keen to relax, consider a scenic hike up Queenstown Hill or go for a drive to sample some of the famous Otago Pinot Noir from nearby wineries. Or you may opt for bungee jumping and jet skiing. The nightlife scene in Queenstown is surely the best experience for good night out for a traveller. With new bars and clubs opening up monthly, no matter if you are coming home at 5 am after drinking and dancing the night away.