25 Most Breathtaking Places in the World That You Must Visit Soon

Pristine waters of white sand laced beaches, old and forgotten villages that continue to thrive as if time never ticket beyond the 15th century, ruins that enthrall and fascinate, deserts that scare and dominate, and natural phenomena that bamboozle the staunchest of explorers — that is only 1 percent of the wonders spread far and wide on the surface of the Earth. What’s the world most amazing location, you ask? Well, that’s subjective. While the idea of beauty is different among people, here is a list of places which most would feel lucky to travel. Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia — we have covered everything here.

Niagara Falls, USA/ Canada

Located on the Niagara River between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, these three enormous waterfalls (Horseshoe, America, and Bridal Veil) form the border between USA and Canada. Formed during the previous ice age, these are today the most amazing and famous waterfalls in the world, attracting honeymooners and families and film crews equally. In fact, for centuries, the beauty and awe evoked from the waters rushing down in great quantities up to 57 meters before reaching Lake Ontario are inspiring artists such as Thomas Cole, and the experience fans who go back on barrels and stroll across on ropes.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The oldest and among the most renowned national parks across the globe, this extends to a place of 3,500 square miles from Wyoming to Idaho and Montana. It has the most amazing features such as gushing alpine ponds, a volcano with royal geysers and springs, quite deep canyons that take on beautiful shades with the shifting position of the sun, classic forests, snow-capped peaks, wonderful vistas, and excellent trails for humans and animals alike. An area favorite for tourists, scientists, conservationists, adrenaline junkies and regrettably, poachers, it’s the home to a number of the trademark animals of the United States, like wolves, bisons, antelopes, elks, and bears, and it’s one you need to visit for the most memorable experiences.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

It last appeared in a Hollywood blockbuster as Wonder Woman‘s Themiscyra, and yes, it is beautiful enough to appear to be a place straight out of the myths that with its sheer cliffs dropping into the glorious azure sea, the cozy little beaches one of the coves, the postcard villages on the slopes of Mount Ravello and the orange groves that might have attracted some historical hero with their odor. Stretching for around 50 km, you can increase on the routes through the quaint small villages, witness some stunning vistas, dine at one of these incredible local restaurants and tavernas, or have a trip during the coastal road running along the port of Salerno, Positano, and Amalfi, bringing you to the top of this Sorrento Mountains. No miracles, it is among the most beautiful places to live in.

Grand Canyon, USA

An immense gorge a mile deep and 18 miles long, it appears like a gash first produced on the cloth of this world some 1.8 billion decades back, as indicated by the bottommost stones — it is the wildest side of America. Even from its very best vantage point, you may take in just a small part of the full façade, and also the gorgeous shades throw from the sunlight on the red granite gives it a surreal, intimidating aura. Deceptive at first glance, this place sustains many ecosystems, because you would see if you abide by the hiking trails on the northern rim, where it is also much less crowded. Yavapai Observation Station, Mary Cotler’s Lookout Studio, and Mather Point happen to be the most popular viewpoints situated in that region.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Situated at an altitude of 11,995 ft in the Andes in southwest Bolivia and covering an area of 4,086 square miles, this is the largest salt flat in the entire world. After a lake, now it’s an 11,000 square km stretch of sparkling white salt, impossible rock formations and forlorn cacti-covered islands, directly from Invisible Cities. The salt crust anything between 7 and 66 ft in depth, is a sea of brine and so full of lithium as to make up 70 percent of the world’s reserves. While this desert-like extend is quite barren most of the time, it hosts about 80 species of birds as well as thousands of flamingoes who flip the whole place pink in November. Definitely worth an experience!

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

One of the royal locations in the world with the ice-cream icebergs from ancient glaciers, this is a riot of blue with all the stunning heights, the cold bottomless lakes, lovely geological formations, ancient forests and golden pampas which are a home to the variety of rare species like pumas and guanacos. It’s found on the southern tip of the Patagonian Andes in Chile, as well as the very best way to see it is on foot following any of the legendary tracks, you have to restrict your visit to the three granite countertops called Torres del Paine (from which the area derives its title), Los Cuernos, Grey Glacier and the French Valley.

Mauna Kea Beach, Hawaii, the USA

Using its gold sand beach, this is one of the top beautiful places on the Big Island of Hawaii and is excellent for long walks. Additionally, as the sand recedes its way out into the water, allowing one to wade in till waist-deep water, it’s very safe for beginners and kids. As it is joined to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, it is rarely crowded, although parking is limited in the region. Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities among the tourists, however only the two extreme ends of the shore, safeguarded by natural rock promontories, are fit for it.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

A clay and salt pane surrounded by gigantic red dunes, Sossusvlei is located in the Namibian Namib-Naukluft National Park at the southern portion of the Namib Desert. Loosely interpreted as ‘dead-end marsh’ and located about 60 kilometers from the coast of the Atlantic, its name is derived from the dunes at which the scanty water of the Tsauchab River end their flow. While the place is mainly as dry as the desert, it turns into a haven for photographers from all over the world lately when it rains. The enormous reddish dunes getting mirrored in a lake that lasts barely a year has to be among the rarest of spectacles. It also becomes a cure for those thousands of birds that come flocking.

Oia, Santorini, Greece

According to numerous, Oia is really the most beautiful places of all the scenic villages on the beautiful island of Santorini, what with the magnificent view of the Palea volcano, Nea Kameni and the Thirassia island from one of the cliff tops. Much quieter than the active Fira 11 km away, Oia is the area for you in the event you want to relax your muscles and detox with its calm, laid-back strategy and beautiful narrow streets with taverns, souvenir stores, and cafes. You can even take a stroll across the Ammoudi port which is 300 steps down the cliff or see the galleries home art of the many artists that fell in love with that location.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/ Zimbabwe

Mosi-oa-Tunya, the first name for Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River which means the Smoke that Thunders, is accountable for the widest waterfall in the world since the roar here in the otherwise placid Zambezi could be heard 40 km away! Forming the largest water curtain in the Earth, the river plummets down the wide basalt cliff to the gorge more than yards beneath, creating permanent clouds and spectacular rainbows. The basalt wall on the opposite is surrounded by thick forest cover and offers breathtaking sights of the falls and the small falls since the water zigzags its manners through many of gorges.

Arches National Park, USA

The reddish stones and blue heavens give this area an other-worldly feel with an elevation of 5,000 ft at the high desert of eastern Utah. It stretches over a place of 76,679 acres across the famous Colorado Plateau, the lake bordering the southeast. This place is like a Martian landscape holding several secrets, with over 2,000 stones in all shades of red and buff forming precarious bridges, arches, and pinnacles formed due to the salt composition of the soil, sediment strain and constant erosion from water and wind. This place, in spite of its dry vibe, actually hosts some awesome ecosystems, and a guided tour throughout the hike trails is the best way to explore the region.

Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

And if you have a computer, you’re very likely to wind up with their image for WindowsXP background. The Blue Ridge Mountains seem to be out of a fairyland, thanks to the isoprene gas discharged by the trees there. The mountains have two big national parks- The Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains, and the perfect way to learn more about the area is by taking the 469-mile long scenic highway called the Blue Ridge Parkway linking both parks and running across the Appalachian Trail.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The waterfalls are endless in number because of the huge difference between the highest (1,280 meters) and the smallest (280 meters) points, permanently filling the air with fog and spray. To explore the area, you will find the numerous wooden and natural paths and trekking trails around and around the lakes, and the Lake Kozjak ferry service. The lakes are especially beautiful during the autumn when they mirror the amazing colors and frozen branches. The region also boasts of a rich fauna comprising bears, wolves, birds, and boars.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It is the only surviving body on Earth that’s visible from space; it is the pride of Australia, it’s immense — it is the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most complicated and most gorgeous ecosystems of earth, the Great Barrier Reef is sprawled across 2,300 kilometers, off the Queensland coast in northeast Australia. With countless islands, glistening white sands, coral cays, and over 3,000 reef systems, this area is unimaginably amazing. The outer beauty, however, pales compared to the vibrant and dynamic world filled with life, thriving underwater, here. Snorkeling from the Great Barrier Reef is an unforgettable experience which you will cherish for your life. Each year, millions of travelers choose a swim in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to witness the colorful world of underwater corals and watch topical fish, turtles, and sea stars in their natural surroundings.

Joshua Tree National Park, USA

The high and low deserts of Mojave and Colorado are distinct ecosystems within their own rights. Called Joshua National Park, this protected area is home to plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Unusual rains, strong winds, and frequent droughts — that is the means of life in Joshua National Park. Insert its rich history and awesome geology, and you’ve got a fascinating place with the beauty of a different kind. The Mojave Desert has a lot of bizarre and mis-shaped Joshua trees. Then, the unique geological formations all around the region make it even more amazing. The best thing about the area has an undeniable wildness and ruggedness which are among its kinds.

Krabi, Thailand

Now, Thailand is one of the most breathtaking tourism destinations on the planet, partly because of its vibrant nightlife, and partially due to its multi-dimensional reputation as a country that doesn’t hold anything back regarding delivering unmatched adventures to tourists. It is a resort city in southern Thailand, known for its unique limestone karsts that jut out of majestic mangrove woods and surrounded by beautiful beaches. Tiger Cave Temple in the town is exceptionally beautiful, perched on a hill, and accessible via a long flight of stairs. Also, Khao Kanab Nam is a favorite landmark in the town, comprised of two slanting hills. Additionally, the town is proximate to quite a few national parks which are accessible via boats and ferries.

Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Norwegian fjords are renowned for their beautiful beauty and draw adrenaline junkies from throughout the planet. However, they all pale compared to Geiranger Fjord, set 1.5 km wide at its widest point and 15 km long. There’s no vertical mountainside, no habitable shore — only pure raw beauty. Folks choose to kayak their way to the fjord to experience its beauty. Another option is to take a ferry and enjoy the sights en route. Brace up for thunderous waterfalls coming down along steep seas, along with the resulting clouds of fog. Adding to the beauty and charm is the Trollstigen street; it had been built way back in 1936 and is a winding, rock railing lined path that winds around mountainsides. Rappelling, zip lining, and hill climbing in the region are unforgettable experiences.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

How about lounging under a thatch-roofed villa surrounding by water all around, and getting your favorite bottle of wine delivered via room service personnel in canoes? That is Bora Bora for you, a rendezvous with natural beauty with an equally grand dose of luxury. Tucked far away in South Pacific, Bora Bora is surrounded by thick jungles, and sand beamed islands, all combining to form a beautiful lagoon. Snorkeling and other water sports chances come aplenty in Bora Bora, as you can see the flourishing underwater life, such as vibrant corals and fish. It’s become a highly coveted beautiful place for weddings and honeymoons, a that’s hardly a miracle.

Molokai, Hawaii

This less known place is an epitome of beauty which combines the charms of vegetation and water. This is, in fact, a 10-mile wide island that’s blessed with over hundred miles long coastline. A paradise for explorers, this location is, according to some, the ideal example of how the beautiful Hawaiian Islands looked a few decades back. With dozens of waterfalls, inimitable indigenous Hawaiian heritage, and mesmerizingly beautiful ancient ruins, Molokai is a multi-dimensional experience that can bring you closer to nature.

Jujuy Province, Argentina

Photographers from all parts of the world crave to be found in Jujuy (pronounced hoo-hooey), to experience and capture the beautiful changes in natural light and ambient colors that this place encounters. The place is arid, distant, and brutally amazing. Particularly renowned would be the salt flats of Salinas Grandes, that can be mined via rectangular pools. The massive stretches of wilderness and desert create Jujuy Province intriguing, challenging, and inimitable.

Appenzell, Switzerland

Swiss villages spring up images of green meadows and plumb cows grazing away. Appenzell is all that, and a lot more. This is as intriguing as a village could be, with the quintessential village square that performs hub to all business activity, horse-drawn carriages rattling along in most instructions, richly painted panels on unpretentious buildings, and lush styled chalets. All around the year, there are festivals and carnivals that add to the liveliness and colorfulness of this village. It’s surrounded with the 8,200 foot Mount Santis, which makes it awesome for hikes and cross country trails.

Bokeo Nature Reserve, Laos

The Bokeo Nature Reserve, Laos was created to conserve the endangered black cheek gibbon. The Gibbon Experience is the tourists’ option, a chance to soak in the natural forest beauty along with the chance to observe gibbons in their natural habitat. The Nam Nga River adds another dimension of beauty to the place. Treks along the river could be unforgettable experiences.

David Gareja Caves, Georgia

David Gareja Caves are among the lesser known jewels in the crown of organic beauty on Earth. Located on the cliffs of Georgia-Azerbaijan border, these temples are a network of complete 19 cave monasteries that have been able to endure from medieval times. These caves are considered the epitome of contemporary arts. The deserted steppe geography is all you need to forget about the planet and soak in the enchanting beauty of character, accentuated by the nearly eerie silence all around. Among those Davit Gareja caves still functions as a monastery, and the muffled chants of the resident monks make the atmosphere surreal, for anyone lucky enough to be there.

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

If did larval fungus gnats begin being beautiful? Well, ever since they adopted the walls of their Waitomo Caves in New Zealand. These caves are world famous for its glittering blue lights which appear across the walls and ceilings, giving them an eerie look. The feeling that visitors feel when inside these caves is that of being a few feet away from a sky lit with colorful blue stars. The weird landscapes of the Blue Mountains allow it to be fascinatingly beautiful. The milky white tranquil waters increase the balmy personality of this area.