Miami Travel Guide

Miami is a perfectly clean city situated in the state of Florida of United States of America. This town is a major US travel destination with the best facilities in terms of cleanliness, cuisine, temporary staying and everything else. It is also pretty ahead in the finance sector, and there are also many well-known hospitals and research centers located inside the city. Miami has a port that accommodates a lot of cruise ships. This city is the best in the world when it comes to cruise ships business.

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Mostly, Cuban and Spanish people reside in Miami, and this is the reason, this city is always buzzing with the culture and heritage of these two immigrant population types. Miami’s Cuban music is well known in the whole world. The Cubans have introduced the usage of conga and rumba in the otherwise American style music of Florida. This unique amalgamation of American and European music is pretty intriguing. Also, the state of Florida is pretty famous for freestyle hip hop dance and music, and Miami especially is a hub for it. Hip hop genre supporting bands like Flo Rida and Rick Ross have been born and raised in Miami.  Apart from this, the architecture of Miami is completely inclined towards the Cuban, Brazilian and Spanish culture.

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