The 5 Most Visited Attractions in Barcelona by Bike Tourists

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

Not afraid to flaunt her stunning beauty breathtaking scenery and gorgeous architecture, Barcelona is undoubtedly a top destination for tourists from the world over. Some come for the prehistoric sites; others come for the beaches, while others come for the culture. Whatever the reason for traveling to this historic marvel is, most tourists opt to see the city on a bicycle. Here are the 5 most visited attractions during any bike tour Barcelona.

Gothic Quarter / Barri Gotic

The Gothic quarter is revered by all because it is the secular as well as the spiritual center for Barcelona, and it has been that way for at least two millennia. You will be astounded by the age-old pieces of architecture that defy even the most modern of designs. At the highest point of the city, Monte Tabor, stands the medieval cathedral, which is the most notable piece of Gothic architecture in the city.

Photo by Javier Bosch on Unsplash

La Rambla

If you are looking for a social hub in Barcelona, La Rambla is the place to go. La Rambla divides the old town into two and it has lots of shades due to the palm trees that decorate the landscape. This avenue stretches from the convent of Santa Anna all the way to the port. It has lots of pedestrian sidewalks that are lined with numerous restaurants, shops, and outdoor cafes. You can do some shopping at the Mercat de la Boqueria which is a market for groceries and other foodstuffs.

Park Guell

This is arguably the most surreal park in the region. Designed by Antoni Gaudi and commissioned by UNESCO, this park has done an impressive work of capturing the 1900s landscapes and architecture. It has a breathtaking terrace that will give you a panoramic view of the entire city – including the beach. The creative structures in the park are decorated with ceramic fragments that are multicolored thereby making it a beauty to behold.

Photo by Daniel Corneschi on Unsplash

Casa Mila

Casa Mila, also known as La Pedra, loosely translates to the stone quarry. This name is the perfect description of the architectural marvel because it actually looks like an open quarry. The flamboyant building was built from 1906-1912 and it looks more of a sculpture than a building. This is a must-see for anyone that is fascinated by ancient architectural designs.

Mont Juic

Mont Juic literally means “the mountain of jews.” This hilltop neighborhood was built on an ancient Jewish cemetery and that explains why it is called so. Mont Juic’s most notable building is a fortress that starts at the summit of the hillside and then stretches down to the sea. This place has lots of scenic views but it is also loved for its amusement parks and museums. This is the place to visit if you want to admire the best Catalan art collection you will ever find in a single place.

It would not be possible to cover all the destinations in this article because there are lots of great places to see in Barcelona. These are just the ones that most tourists love to visit.