Anna Mantzaris’ Quirky Stop Motion Explores Inner Desire to Lose Control

Swedish director Anna Mantzaris has a penchant for its darkly humous as noticed in her 2012 movie “But Milk is Important.” Her latest brief ENOUGH was created throughout her first year in the Royal College of Art where she graduated earlier this season. The stop-motion film follows several kind-looking personalities as they snap during regular occurrences like bothersome board meetings, dealing with demanding customers or only narrowly missing the bus.

“I wished to have very soft and sympathetic personalities, compared with the soft activities,” Mantzaris clarified to Directors Notes. “I liked them to feel somewhat uncomfortable and awkward, as we could occasionally feel in social circumstances. Additionally, I needed it to feel somewhat dull and grey, to improve the sensation of everyday life we occasionally wish to split from.”

This amusing animation is a cathartic release of this darkness we take bottled up inside and showcases exactly what may occur in case you eventually allow yourself to lose control. You may view more of her short movies on her website and Vimeo.

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