7 House Design Trends For A Refreshing And Elegant Touch

brown wooden cabinet near green and white table

From Art Deco in the Roaring Twenties through the '80s, when maximalism and the use of stunning colors and shapes flourished, the world of interiors has altered dramatically over the decades. We've been influenced by the Mid-century style throughout the last several decades and incorporated it into our houses with a modern touch. Last year's events prompted an increase in the significance individuals place on making their homes more powerful and comfortable in terms of interior design.

We've looked at what's coming up in the next several years in terms of emerging trends that have modernity at their heart. No matter which type of interior design we choose, one thing remains constant – protecting the house from rodents and pests to keep it in the best form. And if you don't have to do all this on your own, don't hesitate to opt for rodent exclusion services to keep rodents and rats at bay!

Coming back to the home designs, there are those among us who like a more minimalistic approach to design, while others prefer a more textured and vibrant approach. Whatever your taste in interior design, there's a current trend for you. Even if you're on a tight budget and don't want to go overboard, these themes are easy to incorporate into even the most extravagant of designs.

Finest Forms of Wood and Concrete

Architects and interior designers have begun employing exposed wood and concrete as raw materials on walls, ceilings, and floors more often in recent years. We're great admirers of these materials and use them in our designs on a regular basis.

The rising popularity of OSB particle board as a raw finish makes it possible to produce a natural warmth and beauty in interior spaces without spending a lot of money.

An exquisite finish may be achieved by polishing exposed concrete to provide a protective top layer. You may appeal to more senses than just sight and touch when you use concrete as a surface treatment as well as a structural component. 

copper wired accent chair


In recent years, biophilic design ideas have been more widely known and accepted. The use of indoor plants in interior design projects is on the rise, and it's a developing trend. 

The biophilic design attempts to incorporate nature into building architecture to strengthen the connection between man and nature to preserve a certain degree of connection. That idea manifests itself in interior design trends that emphasize natural, organic designs, materials like stone and wooden structures with plenty of sunlight, and plants.

Interior design will be shaped by a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly and socially responsible lifestyles for decades to come.

Nooks for Studying

Working from home has become the new normal; thus, flexibility at home is more crucial than ever before in the history of humanity. As a result, workplaces have become a need for most individuals and are less formal and cohabit with other living areas. 

As a result, 'study nooks' have emerged, which may be built into existing furniture or into previously underutilized areas of the home, such as the space under the stairs.

library interior

Arches in the Built Environment

Curved entrances and arched windows have been making a comeback in recent years, partly due to designers' preference for these architectural elements in their designs. 

Arched mirrors and patterned wall coverings may also be used to make arches look more organic in the house. Arc design is an art form in and of itself, but it can be awe-inspiring if done well.

Kitchens With Black Countertops

Designers are embracing the new color trend of black in kitchens, which appears to be moving away from the long-popular and safe sanctuary of neutral white. The sleek and elegant look that dark kitchen color schemes provide is ideal for modern and contemporary areas.

The popularity of black kitchens has risen substantially in recent years. Since last year, there has been a 46 percent rise in the number of searches for "black kitchen" and "dark kitchen," respectively. 

In an open-plan design, the bold color choice helps to distinguish between a kitchen and living area without the need to put up any walls, and the black helps to create visual interest in a place that may not have previously stood out.

black wooden cabinet near white wall

Furniture with a Textured Finish

The usage of texture in a room is expected to increase in popularity greatly in the near future. Incorporating textures like velvet, linen, and rattan into a room may offer sophistication and a modern flair. 

This year, rattan furniture has become increasingly popular in interior design projects all around the world and is expected to remain so. Both velvet and rattan furniture can make a statement and add color to any room. To bring a sense of fun and happiness into your house, combine these textures. The diverse blend of natural components and colors creates a sumptuous atmosphere in the space.

Bathrooms With A Splash of Color

Bathrooms have begun to embrace color in a daring yet beautiful way. Just as bright and bold hues are being used more frequently in other areas, there's no longer a requirement for bathrooms to be brilliant white! 

Colors like bright pink, golden yellow, navy blue, and olive green are being used by modern architects and designers to energize these key areas.

The Verdict!

It's not uncommon for interior trends to remain popular for years, not just a season. Although we have known and loved the Nordic style since its inception, it continues to amaze and thrill us. There are also 'Color of the Year' plaudits for the colors we use to decorate our houses. What’s actually important is that you're happy with the look of your home's interiors.