The Artist Reveals the secret life of childhood characters

They are a massive part of our childhood. They inspired us and entertained us. We may love or hate them, but for sure, we didn’t expect to see popular movies and cartoon characters like that. Ed Harrington decided to reimagine them and destroy our youth. He is an illustrator with 20 years of experience. He worked for a long time as a graphic designer, so probably that’s from where he got his amazing abilities. Ed finished Virginia Commonwealth University in the field of illustration and graphic design.
When he is thinking about the idea for another drawing, he pictures the character in his mind, tries to imagine what may be challenging or unusual for them (these characters). For example, the Skeletor probably can’t drink or whistle, considering he has no soft tissue or mouths on his face. On the other hand, he visualizes the parts of a figure that we haven’t got a chance to see. He wants to give us an idea of what could have been hidden from us. Ed artwork is always very colorful and connected to the prototypes. If you’re going to see something hilarious and something that cheers you up in these challenging times, check them out in the gallery below.