The Unusual Illustrations of Matthias Seifarth

Based in Berlin, Matthias Seifarth has huge prestige as an illustrator that include titles such as Rolling Stone, Psychology Today, Die Zeit and a slew of indie magazines, such as Business Punk. Matthias is a freelance illustrator living in Hamburg, Germany pulling inspiration from the abnormalities of daily life, odd characters he sees on the street with unusual, macabre undertones.  The artist starts out with graphite on paper and adds color digitally despite he attaches to a subdued palette that emphasizes the work’s dark qualities. Take a look at some of Seifarth’s work below.

Matthias Seifarth01

Matthias Seifarth02

Matthias Seifarth04

Matthias Seifarth06

Matthias Seifarth07

Matthias Seifarth09

Matthias Seifarth10

Matthias Seifarth11

Matthias Seifarth12

Matthias Seifarth13

Matthias Seifarth14

Matthias Seifarth15

Matthias Seifarth16

Matthias Seifarth17

Matthias Seifarth18

Matthias Seifarth19

Matthias Seifarth20

Matthias Seifarth21

Matthias Seifarth22

Matthias Seifarth23

Matthias Seifarth24


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